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Prints Make Profits

Prints Make ProfitsClick Image To Visit SiteThe deal was that I must spend 40 hours of my life every week in a place that my boss chose (this was never the town where I lived).

I wore the clothes I was told to wear, I ate lunch when I was told and my day’s work ended when my boss decided.

My compensation for this life of enforced servitude was just enough money to keep a roof over my head and pay my bills but never enough to enjoy a proper holiday with my wife and children during the few weeks every year that I was released (having pre-booked them with my boss first, of course.)

The result of spending all of my precious time making a living was that I never had the time to make any money.

I had long nurtured a dream of starting my own business but I was so exhausted in the few hours I had to myself each day that I spent them slumped in front of the TV.

Just a few short years ago I was down, depressed, desperate and broke. I had tried every money making scheme I could lay my hands on from sports betting to forex trading and pretty much everything in between, but far from achieving financial freedom I just ended up drowning in debt.

I spent many hundreds of hours painstakingly researching eBay’s ‘completed listings’ looking for a hot niche and eventually I found it!!

I stumbled upon an auction for a mounted/matted vintage art print that had 23 bids and over 200 hits! That item sold for over $160 and as I delved deeper into the world of old artwork I discovered a niche where many hundreds of hungry buyers were pushing prices up to incredible levels.

as I continued… Read more…

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