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Free Viral Breakout Pro plugin

  • Get eager traffic to your site, fast
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This plugin works by only allowing your visitors to view content by unlocking it via:

  • Liking it on Facebook
  • Tweeting it on Twitter
  • Following your Twitter Account
  • Giving it a +1 on Google

All you need to do is give your visitors a tempting paragraph that makes them want to read the rest. They won’t hesitate to like or tweet your content. They’ll then be granted to any other content behind the lock. You can even start a download after a visitor has liked your post. This creates a snowball effect as other visitors try to view the content that these people have posted. This is how viral marketing works.

  • Have your site go viral by locking juicy content
  • Send a social ranking signal to Google each time someone takes action
  • Have visitors “like” a custom URL, then promote other content
  • No annoying popups. Completely integrated into WordPress sites
  • Complete Control over design and layout

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Free Jack Jacker WordPress plugin

Free Jack Jacker Plugin :  Sample below….

Best new plugin that I believe is going to make it a lot more easy for people interested in niche, affiliate, and CPA marketing to get both traffic and clicks. Now when I wrote this I intended to sell it. However after giving it some thought I decided the best way to help people make money online is just to give it away for free.

Please watch the demo video below and if this looks like something that you would be interested in feel free to download it 100% for free as my gift to you.

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