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Kule Submit – The easiest way to drive tons of targeted visitors to your websites.

Kule Submit - The easiest way to drive tons of targeted visitors to your websites.Click Image To Visit SiteHere’s how the software works… There are three pieces of the puzzle: Content, Profiles, and Sites. Your goal is to submit your content to as many sites as possible. To do that you need to setup profiles from within the software, and again we’ve made that as easy as 1-2-3.

Now you are probably saying… "This is all very interesting but how do I know this software will work for my business or the sites I promote…?"

If someone searches for something and there aren’t any news results, they won’t show up. If there aren’t videos, obviously, Google isn’t going to show any. However, that’s where the true power of this software comes into play! If nobody else has videos or press releases in your market that target the terms you’ve used in your content, you will automatically be one of the first results that show up. If there are results for that term, you will still show up with your fresh, relevant content. In a short period of time, you can literally dominate entire pages of search results by simply sending out good stuff and targeting the right keyword terms. We’ll even show you some keyword selection tricks that work like magic. You’ll find them in your members area.

Now you’d have to admit this sounds pretty cool. But there’s more… Not only do we keep the software updated a couple of times a month, if you stumble upon a really cool site that you’d like to submit to, we’ve made it possible for you to add that site yourself. Now how cool is that. You can literally grow the sites you submit to for as long as you own the license to use the software… …And we even provide up to date advice and full training… Read more…

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